PROPHETIC – Bruised Trumpets Rise Again

Bruised Trumpets Rise Again

I was praying on Saturday June 10th and I saw a picture of dented piece of metal, I knew it was a prophetic vessel but could not see the full picture.
After pressing in hard today against spiritual attack, I saw the full picture- a dented trumpet.
The trumpet represents the bruised trumpets- the wounded prophetics, who have been dented, silenced and shut down by Pharisaical stones, thrown as they have begun to speak, worship, dance or declare. There has been harsh judgment, there has been fear of things misunderstood.
Some have been intimidated by the prophetic, others were simply used by the enemy because they have bondages they have not unshsackled from.
For some prophetics it was purely fear in their own souls that was not flushed out. But the table is turning.
I saw that as they had been dented their sound could not come out, but the sound had been building up in the bowels of the trumpet, and suddenly it couldn’t be contained any longer.
The blast came belting through, out of the trumpets mouth and as the sound flew out it pushed back out the dent.
If you have stepped out into any form of prophetic ministry and felt wounded or shut down, and the gift in has been building and building to almost bursting point- your time is now.
Clear out any forgiveness, clear out the bitter waters.
Cry out “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”
Ask for the coal form His alter to cleanse your lips, be of clean hands before Him.
Let the purified living waters flow out from you, do not be discouraged because the Lord your God was with you.
That frustration is about to come forth as a mighty blast to knock on heaven’s door and rock the foundations many man made structures.

He spoke to me and said-
“Intimidation is breaking off my people, off my prophetic ones.
They come out of the cave now, they are coming out of the cave.
Now, in this season they are coming out.
Now! In THIS season they coming out of the caves.
I am bringing down great authority upon them.
My power, my protection is over them.
I am their covering.
Go! Go! Blow the trumpet your God has given you.
Do not hide the light your God has called you to portray.
Give Him glory for He comes upon the clouds.
He is coming, riding the thunder.
Climb the mountains men and women of God who hold His mouthpiece.
Climb the mountain and let the blasts be heard.
Over this nation, over every nation.
Let the blast be heard.
A new tribe arises!
A new call cries out!
A new people are being formed.
A new bride is being founded.
Call out to deep and I will call back to the depths of you.
Cry out to me and I will cry back to you.
Mountains moving.
Skylines are changing.
Kingdoms are toppling.
New light is being birthed in darkness.
Bring a travailing cry unto me, says God.
Bring a travailing unto me.
and I will cause you to bring forth might for the nations.
You will carry nations in your prayer, warfare and supplication.
Disciplinary measures are taking place toward governments, toward big builders and against the elite, in my body first, then the world.
I discipline my children.
I discipline those I love.
I love my Bride dearly.
So now I bring disciplinary measures.
Do not shy back from me.
Weep, yes.
Lament, yes.
But do not cry for too long, because I am by your side.
Cry, let go.
Release all things into my hand.
And I will bring back to you gold and precious silver, not of this world but of the Heavenly realm.
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