Prophetic Word- ‘Australia Will No Longer Be Fatherless’

Australia Will No Longer Be Fatherless



I have been crying out to God the last few years about Australia being a Fatherless nation.
A nation that has very little heritage or identity, and nation whose roots are seeped in shame.
The nation ‘Australia’ was founded through Mother England rejecting it’s citizens for petty crimes.
It was founded on the blood, kidnapping and rape of it’s Indigenous people.
It is in shame and violence that we were established as a nation.
I grew up without knowing my father, and with a strained relationship with my step father. I have roots in shame too, but I met Jesus when I was 4 years of age. And He shared my heavenly Father’s heart and love with me from that very young age.
As I cried to God about our nation being Fatherless He spoke so powerfully to my heart-
‘Just as you were fatherless and I came and covered and fathered you, so i am coming upon your nation and I am going to be the Father of Australia.’
I saw His crown of glory come down and lock onto the country of Australia and it began to be flooded with His glory and His revival power.
He is going to bring reformation and revival to our nation.
Because we are going to be a nation fathered by God, so we are going to father nations too.
All the small island around about Australia are going to be sucked in to this vortex of the move of God. There is going to be revival and reformation among these small islands and it’s going to be from the Australians going forth from new ministries.
The hindu nations, the muslim nations, the pagan and many others are going to be pulled under God’s anointing and glory under this move.
The Indigenous community is going to get such a mighty, sweet sweeping of God’s love in this time too that hey are going to understand the heart of God. There will be ministries that rise from this move that will be like spear heads and they bring a move and revival like never before.
These people have a place in God’s heart. Worship will be resurrected, it will come in a new form, so many new waves of Indigenous worship, all for God’s glory.
As I travailed from the father heart of God in grief for the Indigenous people of Australia, and in repentance for the crime committed against them, the Lord showed me there were at least two tribes in Australia post-European settlers  who had met Jesus and who worshiped Him, and this would be brought out in the beginning of God’s move, and it will bring a foundation for the new indigenious church that is going to emergre.
It’s coming.
A new wave, and new anointing and  new authority.
This will be a Joshua and Jacob season.
JACOB meaning one who supplants, but also one who holds the heel.
Supplanting ungodly government and rulers.
The Lord showed me that many of the little islands have hold of Australia by the heel, finding  aid, security, protection and industry/ commerce.
JACOB also meaning ‘layer of snares’. It has been snares of the enemy but soon it will be snares for Yeshua.
The islands will lay snares, or traps, for the fishes. They will become fishers of men. Just as many islanders are already fishermen, God is going to make them fishers of men.
The Hebrew word for Jacob is ‘Ya Aqob’.
The hebrew root word for this ‘Aqab’. This word means to swell out or up.
The islands are going to be touched as God’s glory swells up and out of this nation.
Heel in hebrew is ‘aqeb’. This has the following meaning-
‘a heel (as protuberant); hence, a track; figuratively, the rear (of an army).
We are the rear of the army, we are the end of the army that has marched for Yeshua on this earth for thousands of years.
We are the last of the army, the end times army.
He will use us to supplant the enemy.
I will publish my next blog on the revelation the Lord has given regarding Joshua.
Shalom and God bless you with all of His fullness.


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