VOICES OF HEAVEN- The Bridegroom is So Close

The Bridegroom is So Close

July 13 2017


As I slept two nights ago I began to hear voice speaking to one another.

These voice were in the Heavenly realms, I believe they were of the Cloud of Witnesses.

I heard these voices speak with such anticipation. One after another they were saying the same thing. They spoke as those at a wedding waiting with breath held tight for the moment the Bridegroom and bride come face to face.

The words were so clear, from many voices-

‘The Bridegroom is coming.
He is so close.
He is coming for His bride.
He is so eager for His bride He doesn’t care for the ceremonies or the legal process.
He wants the bride in His bridal chambers.
He wants intimacy.
He is not concerned for the ceremonies.
He wants to know His bride intimately.’

I saw a Bridegroom grabbing His bride and taking her with great haste into the bridal chambers.
The feast would take place afterwards, the groom wanted intimacy first.

I heard the voices then cry and say

‘The veil is torn! The veil is torn!’

The Holy Spirit then came close and spoke

‘Intimacy and closeness with Jesus will be easier than it has ever been before.
The veil has been torn and as the Bridegroom is approaching His bride she will see that knowing Him is going to be so simple, like never before.’

As I woke and sat with these words spoken, the Lord gave me revelation of the earthly outworkings.

He is not worried about our formalities and ceremonies, Jesus wants intimacy with His bride.

He is not coming to participate and admire our services or structures, He is so fiercely after His bride’s full heart and devotion.

He wants us to come into the bridal chambers of intimacy. And it is going to be easier than ever before for those who seek Him intimately to be in His presence.

The veil had been torn, and those who have not yet surrendered their lives to Him are going to find it easier that ever to see His face and the truth of the love, and the promise that lay within His embrace.

The lost will meet Him so simply and effortlessly.

This is the time of Courtship as our wedding feast comes closer.

The time is so near, Jesus our Bridegroom is on His way.

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