WORD- Delayed Blessing & Breakthrough

Delayed Blessing & Breakthrough

As I interceded tonight  the Lord 
gave me this Word, I know it for some of His people out there. I hope you are blessed.
‘…. All good things come from me.
All good things come through me.
Many cry out “Holy! Holy! Holy!” to my name….
…but they are walking crippled.
Waiting, anticipating.
Asking “Lord, why won’t it come? My breakthrough? The thing I’ve been waiting for?”
Others can say “Wait, God’s timing.”
Many can cry “You can wait, it is good to wait.”
Not from me, says God, Not from me.
My outstretched arm, my crown of glory, the ancient wonders of old performed by my hand- am I not able to give when I choose to give?
Am I not able to release when I can release anything to any nation on any given day?
Can I not strengthen my promise to come to fullness and completion?
I’d give it all to you if you could unblock it…
… if you could unlock it from Heaven’s vaults.
Can you give good things to your children?
How much more can I give to mine?
I can give anything to you.
Can you give anything to me?
All living sacrifice, and all good things you offer to me,
they came form me first.
I gave them to you first.
I ordained them from the beginning.
If you cannot give to me from the meagerness of your own heart,
cry to me for wisdom.
Ask for me to help.
For I ask of you EVERYTHING!
You have gathered many things in life, your arms are so full of your things, there is not room for MY things.
Positions, items, career, pastimes, relationships, ideologies, christian titles & ministries.
I ask you not to defend yourself, your possessions or your position.
But I ask you to give it all to me.
Let me take what I will take.
Let me give what I will give.
Let me increase what I will increase.
But do not defile my temple with false offerings or fake giving.
This has to be a true giving, a true surrender.
A time of offering form the depth of you soul.
From all that you are, with all that you have to give, give my your offering.
Then i will anoint it.
Give back to me, and I will give back to you, refined, polished.
Refashioned, remodeled.
For my people.
For my purpose. A reconditioned engine that keep going ahead.
I will anoint it, I will refashion it, I will even give it a new name.
I will even give you a new anointing.
Even a travel opening, and an anointing greater that I have gifted you ever before.
Go now and give your offering unto me. In a quiet place, come.
I am speaking to many of you, asking of you this thing.
You have stood afar, now I ask you to come forward.
I ask you to come back to me in full.
Forgive past gripes.
Remember your first love.
Become available for me, in my hand, for my purpose.
I’ll give you back what the locusts have taken.
I will release what the canker worm has eaten.
I’ll unlock secrets, blessings and fleeces that have been thrown out will be answered by me.
My light will become know to you.
My love will begin to bring forth such fullness and fruit in your surroundings.
If you’ll give it all to me, I’ll give it all to you.
All that you’ve been waiting for, all that you’ve been longing for. All that you’ve been asking about.
I am a giving God, I am a giving God.
[At this point I saw a picture of a pipeline and the devil was blocking it, there were many presents stuck in the pipe]
Satan is holding up and delaying- blessings, healings, potential marriages, anointings, destinies, words to be released for overcoming, ministries to be birthed.
Satan is blocking them.
He has a right to.
He has a legal right to hold and block some things.
He has been given a loophole to test and he is using it.
How can this be?
Generational sins of our forbears and the past.
The sins of your land’s founders.
Our personal sins.
Hidden sins.
Fear, doubt.
A host of concerns that cry out day and night blocking the way to hearing from God.
Give forth to me a cry of repentance.
Ashes and sackcloth!
Ask for my Holy Judgment against the darkness in your life.
I will bring exposure and it will be brought to a quick end.
I will cleanse you out and you will give new utterance.
A new song to outlast any fear.
A new joy to outstay any sorrow.
A laughter that will drown any cry.
A hope to come & stand in the place of doubt.
A beginning that outweighs any days of old.
I am growing a commitment inside you that will out give anything you’ve asked for.
You will give with weighted giving.
My favour will overshadow any thing that is given to me.
So go forth with joy- give to me your giftings, hopes, ideas, songs, ministries. Your desires.
All good things come form God and all things are from His hand.
He gives all good things and He loves to give good things to His children.”
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