You shall decree a thing and it shall be established for you so light will shine upon your way. Job 22:28
I was praying today with a small group and the Lord just started to lead me to decree that the Prodigals were coming back NOW.
As I began to speak this out, He showed me a deeper understanding about many prodigals you and I have been praying for. The Father impressed on my heart that He himself had kept some prodigals away for season and a reason.
I asked Him what was the reason and He said ‘The prodigal knew his father’s love when he dwelt in his house but how much more did he know his father’s love when he had wandered far from it. And how much more again once he had returned to it and his father rejoiced over his restoration.”
So there will be a return of the prodigals into God’s house, and they will not know only the first love of their Father but the Mercy love of their Father for a returning son or daughter.
I then asked the Lord about the season and He showed me something that amazed me- God’s wisdom is so deep and immeasurable.
I asked “Why where the prodigal kept afar for a season?’
He showed me a vision of a generation that is coming forth. A generation of prodigals and new converts who have been far away from the Established church, and from their families who were praying for them.
“I had kept them away for a time so that they would not be tarnished by religion and restrained by man’s ideas. This is a generation who will come running to me and they burn with Holy Fire. They will not be constrained in worship or contained in walls and houses. They will go out and burn their light in the cities and the sidewalks, the abandoned will be called by a new name “MINE”.
I kept them out for a season because there are somethings I did not want these ones to know or to learn as they are called for a season and time like none other before.
He told me He is raising up elders a deacons outside of the walls to raise and nurture these prodigals and new converts. This new breed will run unlike nay other generation with zeal unmatched and eyes set only on Jesus. Not on any other man made ideas, just on their sweet Bridegroom with burning love and devotion.
He showed me a picture of this young men and women who looked different to the traditional church goer, and they were pole vaulting higher than ever before. Not only were they pole vaulting over the bar that was unreachable, as they were jumping over the bar was raising with them. They did it with ease.
I asked God “Why are they able to go up like that so easily?”
He said “They are light, they do not have any ideas, plans or identity crisis weighing them down. They are just my vessels ready and willing to fly when I say fly and die when I say die.”:
If you have been waiting for a prodigal, thank the Lord, rejoice in Him because He has heard your prayers. But He has also kept them unmarked by ideas and religion that would’ve stopped the flow of His power and love that will flow in them and through them as they come running back.
When they come home be careful not to try and push them into what you are seeing and doing, be wise not to try and fit them into the place you think they should be, but instead ask them what Abba is saying to their heart. Ask them what it is they have a burning to do. You will be surprised what will come out of their mouths. You will be blessed by what they spill from the overflow of their hearts and you will even be re-positioned by the words of your prodigals as they will have fresh insights from their Daddy God.
Prodigals are coming home to Daddy in this NOW time.
In this season they are running home.
The season is NOW.
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