God’s Healing for Australia’s Lepers

God was speaking to me tonight about Australia’s lepers.
In the Bible it was commanded that lepers would be put away from
the rest of the city. They were unclean, they were contagious and
the were covered in shame and rejection.
Some contracted leprosy from wrong relationships and contacts with the wrong people, some were born in houses where they caught it from their family members.
Some were just passing by and they happened to get infected.
The Lord showed me the parallel between the lepers of the Bible and the lepers of our nation- those who are in the drug culture, the homeless and alcoholics.
Many had been put away from their families because the uncleanliness of their lives would infect the family. Some were born into the infection, some picked it up from relationships and others were just passing by and they got touched by the wrong things in life.
There is a whole ‘colony’ of people who are crippled with the gaping wounds of addiction. They’re bodies are covered in the marks of this leprosy. They live in a sub-culture of our nation, and many are afraid to reach out because they don’t want to be dirtied.
As the Lord showed me this revelation He reminded me of the words he had spoken to me earlier today. I had seen a young guy who previously walked around town high on drugs and looking a mess. The spiritual leprosy was very obvious on him.
Today I saw him and his face was changed, he was sitting in a shop reading a book talking on his phone about how he was working a good job and things were on track. He was a leper, now healed. A miracle.
I was in awe as I have seen in the short few weeks of 2018 several people get freed from addiction and give their lives to Jesus, including my sister and her child’s father. Spiritual lepers, covered in shame, just as I was as an addict and a homeless person, now healed and out of the isolation of their illness.
As I looked with marvel at this young man reading the book the Lord spoke to me
“Be ready to see many more like him and your sister come to me this year, revival is starting among these ones.”
As He said this I could sense a wave of lost souls coming, it was breath taking.
He began to again show me that there will be a revival in the younger generation of addicts and outcasts. They would be ones who loved much, because they were ones who knew they were loved much.
There is great wave of new converts coming from the younger generations and they are going to be ones who upturn the tables in their Father’s temple. They will be so radical in their love for God because they knew what He saved them from.
They will burn with a bright white fire and totally restructure the Body. They are necessary for the last days Bride to be purified.
He will use the base things of this world to confound the proud.
They will be those who were unclean lepers and God will use them to purify the Body. They will not have any religious ideas or mindsets, they will be completely sold out for their New King.
The next great revival will be among the youth and they will usher in a new era of worship and prophetic utterance.
They will fearlessly put their arms around many lepers and the disease will fall off. They will see new converts just from an outstretched hand and a brotherly kiss. They will make demons flee with the Love of the Bride. They will bring Jesus into public spaces with their footsteps.
Shameless, fearless and alive. This generation of warriors will lay down their lives for the King because they know that without Him, they would not have life.
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