The whole world has been watching as a group of 12 young men and their coach were rescued from a cave in Thailand. Prayers went up around the globe and churches went to pray at the mouth of the cave.

Over two weeks after being in a cave, surrounded by dakness & water they were rescued, delivered and the world rejoiced.

Navy SEALS were quoted as saying-  “We are delighted. We have done things we never thought we could do. I’m proud we could complete the mission impossible…    ….We are not sure if this is a miracle, a science, or what. All the thirteen Wild Boars are now out of the cave,” the Thai Navy SEALs wrote on their Facebook page. “Everyone is safe.”

I believe God is at work and speaking in every situtaion

I knew there was a bigger picture behind what was playing out, and as I asked the Lord about it this is what He showed me-

There were 12 boy and their coach, or teacher = the 12 Apostles who founded the Acts church and their Rabbi.

The Lord then reminded me of three instances in Bible of God’s people in cave-

  1. the prophetic ones who were being persued and silenced by Jezebel;
  2. in Judges the Isralites dwelt in cave as the Midainites came against them- taking all their provsisons and wealth &
  3. King David- when he had been caled and annointed but was being persued by King Saul.

I believe God is speaking through this event.

I see the 12 boys representing the 12 Aposltes, the ones who the Acts church was built upon- a picture of His Acts church. The coach [or teacher]  was the Rabbi who helped them live during their time in the cave.

After a time they were brought through the darkness, troubled waters and tight, pressing spaces out of the cave and into the eyes of the world.

The word that came to me was this-

There has been a season in which the Davids [my anointed], the prophets and those who had thier resources taken [like the Midian oppressed Israelites] have been hiding. They have been in a cave season, hidden away and unseen. Many have been in the darkness, unable to come out but have known the presence of their Rabbi in this time.

But now at the last moment before disater comes, I am bringing them out through the darkness, through the troubled waters & throught the tight pressing places into the light, into the open, for the world to see, and they will be rejoiced over for a time. God’s people will be seen and many forums, they will be loved.

These ones will become leaders in reforming the Bride as it was in the days of Peter and Paul, in the days spoken of in the book of Acts. The hidden ones will be survive, and will be revived. God is sending special task forces of ones prepared before and of heaven’s sent angels to bring them through and out.

There will be a time of jubilant rejoicing at the sounds of the prophets voices reemerging loud and pure.

There will be restoration of provision and wealth for those who have been in the cave season [ God had told me before the boys and the coch were rescued that thye would come out safe adn there would be a movie based on thier story. The 12 boys would all be blessed finacially because of what they had endured and come through]

There will be a time of God’s annointed David’s leaving the caves to fight the battles they have seen before them and to bodly take up Kingdom authority. Ones who were annointed to be leaders, but have been in the cave of Adullam, or the hiding place, waiting and wondering if the call they heard was true or accurate- your days have come to leave the cave, God will make room for you as He did King David. He who was hidden in the cave came out to overcome the enemy and build God a temple of praise.’

There are some other notable details to this amazing story of triumph, one of those being the Australian doctor. He was the last out of the cave. He was the last to have the light upon him after being hidden.

This is a prophetic sign of the days we are coming into. There have been prophecies declaring that the last major move of God will be in Australia. The last ones to have the Light shine brightly upon them, before the King returns.

The last one out of the cave into the light was an Aussie.

There was another Aussie that was crucial in the rescue, he was a vet from Western Australia, but also a highly trained diver. The other Aussie was from South Australia. Both states have had words released over them that the move of God would start in the west and move across to the east. Many have had words about Adelaide being a place of healing and revival. The Lord showed me a vision as we crossed the Nullarbor and drove into Adelaide of South Australia being a healing place, which I shared here.

I had another vision about the wilderness in Western Australia and South Australia being filled with sheep which was a representation of revival.

I believe God is speaking throught these two Aussie heroes. That in this hour God is going to use our nation as those who help others see the light. The Lord spoke to me last year about awakening fire bursting out from Australia into the surrounding smaller nations and islands. [Read the full word here .]


The world is God’s stage, and every occurance is propehtic. He is always speaking and nothing is happenstance.

If you have felt in a cave for a time, know Jesus is about to bring you through and out into your calling. He is going to lead you through what seem impossible, into the light and into the destiny He has placed upon your life and called you to. You are coming out and you will see that every part of your journey will be a well orchestrated plan by your loving Father.

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