Cat’s Testimony

PERSONAL TESTIMONY- Catarina Threadgold

As a four year old girl I had experienced many struggles. My father and mother had separated as my biological father was heroin addicted, and there many people around me from a young age who were emotionally abuse and physically aggressive toward me. I had already been mishandled by a man as a three year old. I was a scared young girl, and felt very alone.

At this point in my life, my mother, having been born again as a teenager in a move of revival in Perth in the 70’s, told me about Jesus. She told me He was knocking on the door of my heart and that if I asked Him to come in He would be my friend forever and never leave me. That night in my room as I asked Jesus to come into my heart and forever be my friend, my dark lonely bedroom seemed to fill up with light. I felt so much peace and love, and I could see in my mind a face that was smiling at me, with no hate or anger, but just pure love. I heard a soft voice speaking to me about how loved I was and that there was a plan for my life. This voice and love never left me.

I knew there was someone with me who loved me and would be with me always.

Nothing changed my faith in Jesus. In my childhood there was much abuse, and I was surrounded by broken people doing broken things, like drinking, brawling, drugs, sexual immorality and more. I knew these were things that did not please God but sadly at 14 years of age I too became embroiled with this lifestyle and I found my life spinning out of control on every level.

By 15 I had a drug, cigarette and alcohol addiction, and I had done a short stint in foster care after a beating by a family member. At 16 I had nearly been strangled to death by another family member and so I fled to the streets where I thought I would find safety, I was wrong. Many terrible things happened in those days of homelessness, but Jesus was still there, speaking to me at nights when I would lie and listen into the quietness for the voice I always knew would speak to me, no matter how deep into the gutter I fell.

At 17 I had become a regular user and dealer of heavy drugs and I had a long string of criminal charges. My life was a mess but God still protected me, stopping me from getting into a car with a now convicted serial killer and sending angels to protect me from a man who had taken me out into the bush with a gun.

At such a young age I was already tired and felt completely hopeless. I thought there was no other option that to take my own life. I was hospitalised under police watch and then transferred to the city for psychiatric assessment. Funnily enough, the psychiatrist at the hospital was a born again Christian who had only 2 weeks left before retirement, so, he gave me a fiery blast of the  Gospel and told me “Don’t give up, the Devil will try to kill you but God has a plan for your life.’

At this point I began to pray for God to either ‘Kill me or save me.” I knew I couldn’t be the way I was but I had no power to get myself out of the ditch I was in. I truly thought He’d have no use for ‘a wretch like me’ and expected that He would strike me dead before He saved me. But I was wrong. His love is unlike any other love. He doesn’t see our mess, He sees our potential.

After a few months of crying out to God, I was still drinking and taking drugs but found they weren’t working anymore. I could take twice the amount of pills and other drugs than other people but I would still stay sober.

One day a few months after the suicide attempt I felt what I can only describe as a lightning bolt hitting me. In an few seconds God had set me free instantly from all addictions and immorality and I walked away from a pending prison sentence a few months later as the there was no prior record on my file. I had been charged with several assaults and grievous bodily harms, but once I gave my life to Jesus He wiped my record clean. I was 18 years old and born again!

That was in 1999 and since then I have had a passion to see God set other people free from the darkness I faced. I have attended a few churches and home groups, in Perth, Busselton and Melbourne.

I am passionate about praying for our region and nation, and am currently in the process of publishing my testimony as a book.

I love prophetic ministry and worship and have a burning fire to see people free from bondage and released into their God ordained destinies.

I love sharing my testimony at any opportunity, whether it’s with the hairdresser, a hitch hiker or at ministries and church groups.

I also have a Facebook page for prayer and prophecy requests-

Beauty For Ashes Prayer Group

Please feel free to join and post your prayer requests.



‘… [He does] give to them beauty instead of ashes, The oil of joy instead of mourning, A covering of praise for a spirit of weakness, And He is calling to them, ‘Trees of righteousness, The planting of Jehovah — to be beautified…’

Isaiah 61:3